Faller Mammoth Cave Ghost Train 460 - Construction Log February 2007

Box Contents

Track completed

Cable mechanism

First test - a few problems were encountered:
1. The motor (circa 1994) didn't have enough torque to move the cable, so I replaced it with the yellow motor that Faller currently produces - this was much better.
2. The cable (which is kept quite taut) kept coming out of the track on the first bend before the main upward ramp.
This was due to the cable not resting properly along the bottom of the track, and it had a tendency to slide up the side wall of the track before slipping off.
So, I removed the original posts that supported the ramp and replaced them with longer ones, this raised the track sufficiently so that the cable always stayed in contact with the bottom of the track.

The mechanism that will animate the creatures at the front of the model.

The cyclop's eye is illuminated by a fibre-optic type cable.

Nylon threads connect the creatures to the motor.

This motor also didn't have enough torque to animate the creatures, so it was replaced with the current yellow version.

Once everything was connected, another test run was performed.

I wasn't happy with the mechanism used to bring life to two of the three snakes on the right-hand-side of the model.
I amended it to use the same technique as the two-headed creature on the left-hand-side.

On long runs, cars had a tendency to fall off the track around certain bends in the track, so I added 'posts' and 'barriers' to keep them on track.



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